The Vineyard


The wine grapes are Marquette and Saint Croix, and are hybridized to grow in the Vermont climate. Wine is produced, and the 2013 vintage will be the 7th year of growing and the first (hopefully) decent wine.

The bedding on either side of the vines includes the following, chosen for their non-detrimental effect on the vines: Lady’s Mantle (alchemilla mollis), Goats-beard (aruncus dioicus), Amsonia Blue Ice, Pig Squeak (bergenia crassifolia), Fall Asters (aster oblongifolius october skies), Bleeding Heart (dicentra formosa luxuriant), Barrenwort (epimedium rubrum and versicolor sulphureum), Dwarf Meadowsweet (filipendula kakome), Hardy Geranium (geranium sanguineum album,striatum and max frei), Daylily (hemerocallis happy returns and pardon me), Coral Bells, Ragwort (ligularia dentate), (heuchera micrantha and chocolate ruffle also heucherella dayglow pink), Culver’s Root (veronicrastrum virginicum album and lavendelturm) and Bee Balm (monarda).

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