Putting Green


The putting green area was originally a hay field. The 5,000 square foot green is built like a turtle shell, has undulations that vary 3 feet in height and the grass is cut 3 times a week or more with three different specialized mowers.

Complementing the green are two sand traps (one deeper than the other) are the fountain between the bunkers, opposite the gazebo which has a full kitchen The other sides include the large Maple (the only item that is still in existence from the original site and on which the remainder of the design was based) and opposite – the chipping area surrounded by the boxwood hedge. The dry laid stone walls with adjoining flower beds give the impression of a “sunken English garden.”

The entrances are guarded by Princess Spirea guarding and tall whispery purple Meadow Rue (Thalictrum rochebruneanum ‘Lavender Mist’ ) behind blue spruces. The beds surrounding the maple/marble seat have a Mesoamerican feature: the three stones – which according to Maya myths represent the three hearthstones of creation with its central fire from which man was created.

The astilbe colorflash bracketing the maple changes color with the seasons, with Wolf Eye Dogwoods acting as sentries over the hearthstones. Around the fountain are carpet roses, which were originally part of a Tessler trial to determine if the New Zealand hybrid would grow in Vermont (as were the colorflash astilbies).

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