Water Features


Adding to the interest of the garden are a number of different water features.

The games area of the garden (golf, chess, lawn bowling) displays 3 similar fountains set in a triangle formation. The larger fountain provides a point of balance which sits across from the gazebo on opposite sides of the putting green. The fountain is a 3-level saucer-shaped cascading fountain on a marble pedestal, falling into an elongated deep pool. The two fountains on either side of the chess board form the other corners of the triangle and are similar in design but of a smaller size,  having only two levels. The water in these fountains falls onto a rocky base and creating an illusion of disappearing water.

Nestled among the horseradish in the vegetable bed (of similar shape as the large fountain) is an old-fashioned water pump continuously filling an old-fashioned pail.

Around the patio of the farm house are two water features that provide soothing sounds for those fortunate to be enjoying a drink or dinner on the patio. The first is a copper fountain designed by the owner (Roger) and manufactured in Rhode Island and which consists of spiral copper leaves pouring water to progressively-larger leaves until it is finally collected in the barrel below. The other is a waterfall that can be seen from the patio through a window frame created by a trough of colorful annuals on the bottom, and the sides and top with a mixture of Akebea and Dutchman’s Pipe Vine. It is designed with two ponds, and, after the water cascades into the upper pond, it travels under the bridge to a lower pond. The bridge, with its covering of plants is itself  an homage to the many beautiful Vermont covered bridges.

The so-called Ying Yang fountain attempts to provide a balance between the turbulent waters of the lower pond, with its spitting frogs and turtles, against the tranquility of the upper pond with its aquatic flora. Linking these two is a sheet waterfall and a slipway under the bridge.

The “Golfer Pond” consists of a large circular pond with a central copper figure of a golfer about to hit the ball, sitting within a double circle which spits water into the air while rotating on its axis. This pond is fed by an upper pond which is adorned with metal figures of a girl spitting water from a flute and of a boy squeezing water from a fish. The two are connected by a spillway. The boy and the girl are a tribute to the owner’s grandchildren.


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